Under Eye Wrinkles : How to Take Years off your Appearance

Have you ever taken a good look at yourself in the mirror and thought that you resembled a Shar Pei? Do the under eye wrinkles in your face make you look more like a senior citizen than the youthful age that you actually are? When was the last time that someone asked to see your identification? If you have ever taken a good look at yourself and wondered about any of these questions, then maybe you should consider the Best Wrinkle Cream.

Under Eye Wrinkles
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Any time something is folded over and over or even folded once and left in that position, it causes a wrinkle to form. Your skin is no different, except that these wrinkles are permanent, and you can’t just replace it.

Why do we get under eye wrinkles? A wrinkle is generally caused by the aging process. However, the following factors can also contribute to early wrinkling of the skin: sun exposure, smoking, inadequate water consumption, or prolonged facial expressions. By avoiding these things, we can keep our skin looking younger and smoother.

On the other hand, too much time in the pool or ocean can also encourage wrinkles to form. We all remember the time as a child when we were told to hurry up in the bathtub or our fingers would wrinkle. While we might think of this as an old wives tale, it can actually affect your skin. This is because saturated skin actually expands, and if it does too much, then it will not lay flat, and instead wrinkle. This is why keeping balanced moisture is so key to skin health.

The product that was developed specifically to counter these affects is the Best Wrinkle Cream. Good anti-wrinkle creams contain important ingredients such as tea extracts, kinetin, copper peptides, coenzyme Q10, hydroxyl acids, and retinol. While these can not completely reverse all skin wrinkles, it can dramatically reduce them and produce younger looking skin.

Under Eye Wrinkles

Stress and busy life can lead someone into a health risk. The most common problem dealing with the stress is aging eyes such as under eye wrinkles. The under eye wrinkle not only occurs to aged people but also to the young because the young might also get into stress in their life.

Under Eye Wrinkles

However, those who are suffering from under eye wrinkle can get rid of it by having a proper treatment. You should realize that area under the eye is sensitive. The skin under the eye is very thin that it’s getting thinner as you grow older. Therefore, you should be careful in purchasing products for under eye wrinkle that won’t harm the eye.

There are so many products offered to wrinkle treatment. However, not all of them work effectively to get rid of the wrinkle under the eye. Furthermore, you should ensure that the products do not contain any harmful chemical ingredients. It is important because the chemical may damage the skin in the future that will be much harder to treat.

Under Eye Wrinkle Treatment With Olive Oil

Olive Oil for Eye Wrinkles

More than 750 years, olive trees are cultivated in nearly 95% of the Mediterranean plain. From these trees, this produced oil that has benefits for health, fuel, medical, and beauty.

Olive oil was known long ago as one of the natural ingredients to beauty. Olives contain beneficial fatty acids and antioxidants. In addition to establishing a sense of food, lots of benefits contained in this Italian oil for beauty.

One of the benefits of olive oil is to remove wrinkles on the face and around the eyes, and delay aging. How to wear are by rubbing olive oil all over the face and around the eyes, which had begun to have wrinkles and dry. While given a massage, let stand for 15 minutes, and then rinse with warm water. By using pure olive oil, also are believed to overcome the lower eyelids because from lack of sleep and age factors.

Do massage around the bottom of the eye with olive oil, so the eyes and skin of the eye bags, can be normal again. Pure olive oil has the benefit as a moisturizer and other active ingredients that can calm the optic nerve.

Some other benefits of olive oil for the face and skin are: 

Face Masks 
Rub olive oil on your face and avoid the eye area. After one minute, remove with warm water. Olive oil serves as an anti-aging mask.

Softens Skin 
Use olive oil on the feet to soften and smooth the skin before bedtime. Wear socks that soak olives perfect. Use of routine makes smooth and soft feet.

Body Scrub 
By combining salt, sugar and olive oil and use as a scrub. The result, in addition to peeling off dead skin cells, skin is more tender and moist.

Olive oil has benefit to overcome the eye wrinkles problem. In addition, olive oil is also beneficial for hair care, nail and hand.

Home Remedies For Under Eye Wrinkles

One important point on the human face is the eyes. Some even say that through our eyes can read someone’s mind. Therefore, special care is also needed to keep our eyes look more refreshed, radiant and glowing beauty. If we lack of sleep, our eyes get tired, it can cause the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, eye bags, and puffy eyes.

Here are home remedies for under eyes wrinkles tips:

  • Compress the eye with slices of cucumber fruit is believed to overcome the tired eyes. Select fresh cucumber with a diameter in accordance with our eyes, then slice. Lie down, close your eyes, place cucumber slices on eyelids, then let stand for 1 hour. Your eyes will feel cool and fresh.
  • By using pure olive oil is also believed to be able to overcome the eye bags and wrinkles resulting from lack of sleep and age factors. Do massage around the bottom of the eye with olive oil, so the eyes and skin of the eye bags, can be normal again. Pure olive oil has benefits as moisturizing and other active ingredients that can calm the optic nerve.
  • Eye mask made of cucumbers and milk powder is also useful for eye wrinkles. Mix two teaspoons of grated cucumber with a teaspoon of powdered milk. Put this mixture on the upper and lower eyelids, then let stand for 15 minutes. Rinse clean with cold water.
  • Dark circles under the eyes can also be eliminated by using potatoes. Grate potatoes, which have been peeled and washed, put on a porous cloth and tie. Place the cloth with the grated potatoes in areas with a black circle, let stand for 20 minutes.
  • Compress the eye with sliced tomatoes and tea bags are also believed to nutritious overcome tired eyes.

Actually, there are many beauty treatments to overcome under eye wrinkle problem, such as botox, or facelift. It requires a lot of money, and has risk.
Here are good habits to overcome the under eye wrinkle:

  • Rest and sleep well, minimum of eight hours a day. Relax yourself from routine activities so that time more calm and a long sleep. It may be you can do on the weekends.
  • Expand drinking water. This can help revitalize the skin. When tired of drinking plain water, you can replace it with lemon juice rich in vitamin C, and good for the skin.
  • Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, and distance yourself from the pollution. They can remove natural moisturizers in the skin and can make the skin balance disturbed. Finally getting wrinkles in the eye arise.
  • Eliminate the habit of rubbing his eyes. This will only add to the wrinkles in your eyes, thin skin and wound around the eye.
  • Eye cream can also be a temporary solution to remove eye wrinkles. Use an eye cream regularly every day. With regular use, this will be a thin disguise wrinkles, wrinkles around the eyes.

Best Under Eye Wrinkle Cream to Choose

The best under eye wrinkle cream containing raw materials such as caffeine, alcohol, retinol, alpha-hydroxy acids, copper and vitamin C. Caffeine and alcohol dehydrated skin to skin around the eye area more tightening.

Meanwhile, the content of retinol, alpha-hydroxy acids, copper, and vitamin C actually works under the skin to stimulate collagen growth. Other materials that contained the eye cream 
are vitamin K, kojic acid and hydroquinone.

Vitamin K serves to inhibit the dark circles around the eyes. The researchers believe that vitamin C can help fight the dark shadows caused by too much blood flow and minor bruising under eyes. 

Kojic Acid and Hydroquinone is a skin lightening agents, often found in bleaching creams and age-spot. Areas under the eyes are usually easier to wrinkles, therefore under eye wrinkle cream works to prevent and reduce fine lines in the area.

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